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There are few cities that can claim the natural scenery of Abbotsford. With spectacular views of Mt. Baker, rising above the pastoral beauty of some of Canada's most fertile and productive farmland, Abbotsford is the Lower Mainland's City in the Country. Here, in one of British Columbia's fastest growing communities, city streets are not choked with traffic congestion. Residents enjoy a superior quality of life, featuring affordably-priced homes situated in quiet peaceful neighbourhoods.

Over 92% of Abbotsford's working residents are employed in the City or work in nearby communities. Agriculture, transportation, precision manufacturing, and retail trades are the primary economic engines. Recently, the aerospace industry surrounding Abbotsford Airport has taken flight, providing increasing opportunities in a variety of ancillary industries to a growing pool of skilled workers.

A strong education system is critical to building a prosperous community. Knowledge-based economic and community development drivers ingenuity, enterprise, and motivation. In Abbotsford, students may select schools and programs that nurture individual talent. Leading-edge targeted high school programs, and a unique Career Technical Centre, enhance academic success and rapid career placement. At the University College of the Fraser Valley, applied research, innovative partnerships, and skilled graduates fuel the City's economic, social, and cultural success.

Abbotsford's commitment to social, cultural, artistic, and economic diversity is reflected in its wide and varied community events. From Canada's international airshow - an attraction that draws the global aerospace industry's best - to local fairs that celebrate heritage and ongoing bounty of agriculture, Abbotsford nurtures and promotes the wide-ranging strengths known to its business community. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people attend trade shows and exhibitions at the Abbotsford Tradex, sparking diversified economic activity.

Abbotsford is vibrant and shows signs of ongoing success. Significant enterprises, such as Prospera Credit Union and Cascade Aerospace, have recently staked their claims. Abbotsford Airport is the fastest growing airport in western Canada, and one-third of its 1,285 acres is slated for industrial/aeronautical development. Meanwhile, Telus's expanding high-speed data, IP, and wireless services assure local business and residents that they are building their future in a smart community

Map of Abbotsford.

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