Helpful Hints for Selling Your Home:

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. So, let’s make a good first impression! Stand out at the curb and note what you see.

You need street appeal! The first thing a potential buyer sees is the exterior of your home. A freshly manicured landscape will ensure the first impression is a good one. Remove any clutter from your yard. Repair a cracked or uneven driveway or sidewalks. Are the windows and walls clean? Does your front door need paint? Make sure all of the outside lights work. Are the eaves and downspouts clean and in good repair? Wash and replace any missing siding.
Check the roof to see if any shingles need replacing. Is the chimney straight and structurally sound?

Now let’s go in doors!

Prospective buyers usually enter through the front door so begin here. You want your buyer to see a neat, clean, well lit entrance. Get clutter out of site, ensure floors are clean and polished and that the walls are washed or showing fresh paint. (Neutral colors please!)
Take a sniff. Are there any unpleasant odours? If so, find the cause and eliminate it!

Bigger is better! We want your home to look spacious, bright and fresh. Keep all passageways clear. Remove as much clutter and as many unnecessary articles as you can so as to make the rooms appear bigger.

If you have considerable family memorabilia about, consider thinning it out, so buyers will feel as if they can live in your home. That mental leap becomes more difficult to them if your house resembles a shrine to you and your family. You want buyers to come in and visualize their things in the house.

Large closets are a selling feature. Be sure they are uncluttered, well organized and neat. Keep your bedrooms fresh and clean! Laundered bedspreads and curtains will leave a good impression.

You certainly don’t need to undertake major renovations, but it is imperative that minor repairs are done before showing. Make sure all of the appliances work, paint touch-ups are done, all the lights work, leaky faucets fixed, check stairs for loose boards and handrails, and ensure the doors and windows open and close properly.
Should you want to make changes, the most important areas of your home to upgrade and modernize are the kitchen and the bathrooms. Buyers also like to see newer floor coverings.


Now that you have inspected your house and taken care of the problems, you are ready for showings. Here’s the family action plan!

- Open all of the blinds and drapes, turn on all of the lights
- Air out the house to get rid of any cooking or pet odours
- Have fresh flowers in view
- Put the dog outside
- Pick up the clutter and empty the garbage
- Set the thermostat at a comfortable level
- Leave out any maintenance or inspection information
- Bake Bread! Everyone loves the aroma and it makes the house feel “homey”!
- Leave the house, the Realtor will do the rest
- And finally, be patient. It will sell!

Tips on Pricing your Property for an Effective and Efficient Sale

When you put your property up for sale, you want to be sure that you will get as much money as the market will allow, in the shortest amount of time.
Here are three points to consider when setting your price.

1. Know and Understand the market
The market will determine what price you will get. Have a comparative market analysis done by a Realtor, and price your home based on what homes are listed for and have sold for in your neighborhood.

2. Location and condition
Location is very important but there is nothing you can do to change where you are! Preparing you home for sale, though, is something you CAN do! Buyers will take note of the condition of your home so do what is necessary to attract buyers and give yourself the best opportunity to receive offers.

3. Select a Realtor…Jim!!
Jim will bring the market to you and as mentioned above, the market brings the price. Jim will market your property on the Multiple listing Serviced (MLS mls.ca), do the appropriate advertising and work cooperatively with other Realtors to bring buyers to you.

If priced correctly, the majority of homes are SOLD in the first 3 weeks. If yours does not sell within 30 days, it is likely overpriced.

Benefits of Pricing Right

1. Your home sells faster.
2. Your home never looses “marketability”, there will always be interest.
3. There is less inconvenience to you.
4. Realtors will focus their buyers on your property as it is more marketable.
5. The closer the price is to market value, the higher the offers.

Factors that influence Overpricing

1. Extensive renovations and hidden costs
2. Urgent need for money
3. Desire to purchase in a higher priced area.
4. Original price of home too high.
5. Lack of real market information.
6. Building in too much negotiating room.
7. Perceived emotional value

If a home is overpriced, potential buyers looking in a lower price range will never even see it. Those who can afford a home at your asking price will soon see that they can get better value elsewhere.

The wrong price attracts the wrong buyer! Don’t get trapped in the “buyers can always make an offer” or “if we price it high, we can always lower it later”. As time goes by, you lose the prospective buyers that could have afforded your home. Some may think there is a problem with the home. You may even come under pressure to sell, have to drop the price below market value to initiate a sale, getting far less than market value.

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