Jim Hughston

Always on the Job
What does it mean?

  • It means that you will never question whether there is “anything more he could do” to meet your expectations. 
  • It means you won’t find a realtor that works harder than Jim to sell your property or to find you the property that fits with your needs


When you choose Jim to find you the perfect property:

  • He takes all the time you need at the beginning to build your “wish list”
  • Jim works hard and he works smart.  To avoid wasting your time and to make sure he spends his time adding value for his clients, Jim always takes as much time as necessary at the beginning to make sure you agree on the “wish list” of features that you want.  Equally important is knowing what you “don’t want” so your time isn’t wasted looking at properties in the wrong area, in the wrong price range or otherwise unsuitable.
  • Personally tours new listings on the market every week with your “wish list” in mind
  • You will always have the benefit of up to date comparables, and available properties
  • Jim uses proven systems to match your needs with what’s on the market
  • Jim is a team player and he enlists the force of the ReMax team to work in matching your needs with those of other buyers or sellers


When you choose Jim to sell your property

  • First you’ll make your case about the features of your home, your area and all of the “intangibles” you think buyers will care about.  Jim then applies the science of market evaluation but removes the seller’s emotional involvement.
  • Jim will suggest a price that will sell your home because buyers will see it as fairly priced for the market.  While it will take into account the value you see in your home, it will reflect a value based on professional property evaluation.  
  • Jim takes time to have the difficult conversations up front. He will explain how your price affects the time it will take to sell your property, the interest it will attract at that price, and what you should expect in terms of open houses, staging and keeping your home in “show condition” to get your price.  
  • Jim will evaluate your property but you will decide on the listing price together
  • Before the sign goes up, you will have a price that makes sense and you will understand the plan to sell your property!

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